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" The actor is like a surfer. To catch and surf a good wave, you first have to wait long enough and paddle long enough "

Sure you do , but I 'm going to make it easier .
Aaron Cobos | Spanish Actor
Aaron Cobos | Spanish Actor
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  I could tell you how my dream from a very young age was to get on a theater stage.

How excited I was to see the capacity for creation, versatility and interpretation that the actors I saw in film, theater and television had.

Achieve being another person by jumping into different characters.

I could tell you many things about how and why I decided to be an artist, but right now that doesn't interest you much.

And if you are interested, surely you have already passed or will pass by me  “  ABOUT ME   ”  and I'll tell you about it there.

So I'd better talk to you about what's really important right now.

How I am now, how I have worked to become one and, above all, what I can do for you and what we can do together.

"TOUCH" THE PUBLIC. Move people by telling good stories from different characters, MY GOAL.

After all, that's what this is about, right? From the public. 

We create for them and without them we go nowhere. It wouldn't make much sense. Generating in someone a feeling minimally similar to what I felt with others is the best goal I can have in this profession.

Although it sounds cliché, and surely you also think the same. Even if you make money with this, even if it's your job.

It is increasingly clear to me that this is a profession that combines talent and team.

And what can I offer?

(Because if you like me, you will believe in me and we will reach the goal of the story, the project and finally, the public.)

Now I'll tell you what the public perhaps  does not know or does not perceive, but that you are sure to be interested in :

    Un artista que ha participado en los grandes musicales españoles como  A Chorus line,   In The Heights, I can't get up today, Mamma mia, My fair lady, Priscilla queen of the desert, DisneyLive! Shows, etc. 

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Acting, dancing and singing in a single person.


 A professional who has touched all the sticks : theater, television, advertising, video clips...

I wanted to summarize it in a more pleasant way, but if you are one of those who think that a CV in hand is better than a flying website: here you can download my   Professional CV and Timeline .

Aaron Cobos | Spanish Actor
Aaron Cobos | Spanish Actor
Aaron Cobos | Spanish Actor

-  Finalist Nominee asBEST SUPPORTING ACTOR  in “GOSDPELL”. Soho Theater and Caribbean Studio. BROADWAY WORLD AWARDS SPAIN (2023). 

-  Finalist Nominee asBEST MALE PERFORMANCE  in “GOSDPELL” . Soho Theater and Caribbean Studio. SPAIN MUSICAL THEATER AWARDS (2023).