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A Coffee 


Because sometimes we just need to chat with someone 

Have a coffee with me!


Do you want to meet me and have a good time?

Does it surprise you to know what the day-to-day life of an artist is like?

Know and share professional actor anecdotes? 

Do you want to know if you were born to be an actor, singer, dancer...?

Where to start to become a professional artist?

Do you want to discover if it is as beautiful as it seems?

Do you want me to advise you to live off your image in advertising and social networks?

Do you need to decide how to tell your family that you want to be an artist?

Why not talk about all this and everything you need directly with someone who has already been through it? 

Let me continue explaining... You can't imagine how grateful I would have been, when I was an inexperienced jock, to be able to talk to someone.

Have a coffee with a person with more experience, who could calmly advise me on what to do, and, above all, what not to do. 


A private VIS to VIS who would tell me about the good, but also the bad, of fulfilling my dream.

To encourage me in one of those moments when I was super lost. And share all those feelings, fears and doubts.


Now that years have passed (quite a few), and I am the one who has that journey and the motor that moves me the most to do this section and provide this service is precisely the joy that gives me to be able to contribute and help people.

What if I give the opportunity, to those who need it, to talk with me for a while and solve those doubts?


But, if I stop to think about it...

Today I would pay to talk to a bunch of professionals from different disciplines and find out what they do, how they do it, or just get to know them a little better! And it is very true ! I continue to invest in obtaining new knowledge and generating new tools for my personal and professional life, and thanks to that, I continue to grow and evolve. It is very MOTIVATING and NECESSARY.


And I feel like it, and it makes me very happy that you can do the same with me.

Not a bad idea, right?

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